SCHEDULE BELOW BEGINS JUNE 5TH, 2021 AND IS SUBJECT TO REVISION. Re-opening protocols are based on CDC recommendations and data that are relevant at this moment in time. Because aikido falls into the CDC's highest risk classification - participating in an indoor, high intensity exercise class - and full contact aikido removes the ability to socially distance, the dojo will require all participants to be fully vaccinated, provide proof of vaccination and wear a mask during class.  Masks are not required when off the mat and not in class.  However, any non-practicing visitor who enters the dojo MUST wear a mask at all times, regardless of their vaccination status, as proof of vaccination will not be required from visitors.

* Intro Youth Program: 4 - 6 year olds: Aikido Principals and Exercises; 

**Level 1 & Level 2 Youth Programs: 1st grade and older: all share the first 45 minutes of class, Level 2 continues to complete the hour. Placement in the levels is at the discretion of the instructor; youth classes follow the Litchfield Public School for school closings, weather cancellations, etc